JIEKE WOOD PRODUCT CO.,LTD is a manufacturer of woodp products, such as worktops, flooring, furniture components, stair components.

• Water-based adhesives are used across all product lines were possible to ensure low-emitting solutions.
• Comply fully with the letter and spirit of environmental laws and regulations.
• Minimise our use of materials, water and energy, and purchase supplies that are designed and manufactured to cause the least impact to the environment.
• Seek opportunities to improve our environmental performance.
• Reduce, re-use and recycle our waste materials whenever possible.
• Wherever practical conduct our business travel in ways that minimise impacts to the environment.
• Encourage our Customers and others we work with to improve their environmental performance.
• Whenever feasible use raw materials recycled from other sources.
• Monitoring all scrap produced and recycling wherever feasible.
• Minimising packaging to that needed to ensure the product is stored and delivered to the customer undamaged.
• Eliminate any potentially polluting discharges to the atmosphere or drains.
• Consider the environmental impact of proposed new investments as part of our assessment procedure.
This policy statement confirms Jieke Wood’s intent to create and implement sound environmental principles throughout the organisation and is available to all employees and the public through our website and upon request.
• Use only raw material from timber harvested from certified sustainably managed timberlands
• Measure and mitigate the environmental impacts of our manufacturing process
• Meet or exceed all environmental regulations regarding waste material
• Utilize waste fibre as biofuel
• Incorporate environmental aspects in our product development
Jieke Wood likes the world and is dedicated to minimising our impact upon it. We are committed to protecting the environment, and hope to get the recognition and supervision of social, we have got the PEFC. When required, our products are manufactured wood with PEFC .We are applying for other certification, we will get the certification in the end of 2012 .


Jieke Wood recognises its responsibility to design and manufacture products, conduct operations, and provide services in a manner that is responsible to the Earth’s environment, protective of its natural resources and protective of its employees’ health and safety.

Jieke Wood has realised that the greatness of its solutions is equal to the sum of its parts. As a result, careful consideration is given to each material and process during the research and development of each product line.

• Jieke Wood partners with Suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Forests play a key role regarding the climate because they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store the carbon in the trees.

For Forests, Jieke Wood Wood will:

• Promote the use of wood as a renewable and sustainable building material

Our factory under controlled by Jieke Wood has got thePEFC(chick here!)

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